Why are industrial companies making the switch to Bacoban

The industrial sector refers to an economic sector that produces raw materials, goods, or services. Anything that produces such a heavy load of materials is lathered in harmful viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. 

Unfortunately, many industrial companies rely on a slew of disinfectants, wasting resources. Time and money are two of the most vital components of the industry, making it essential for the industry to look for a cost-effective solution.

In fact, a recent study from Research and Markets estimates the global household green cleaning products market is expected to grow from $17.90 billion in 2017 to $27.83 billion by the end of 2024. As a result, the advancements in disinfectant and Bacoban products have allowed the industrial sector to use fewer products that are less damaging to the environment, more affordable, and much more versatile.

Besides the industrial sector, Bacoban products serve many industry sectors such as the aerospace industry, transportation, medical, manufacturing, hospitality and many more. Nevertheless, below will highlight Bacoban for industrial use and the benefits of using the Canadian-made product. 

Disinfecting Options

Disinfecting with Bacoban has many benefits, such as lowering the risk of spreading infection, increasing equipment longevity, and reducing the spread of harmful pathogens. 

Heavy Equipment

When thinking of the industrial sector, heavy equipment comes to mind for a thorough cleaning. After all, industrial equipment is used often. Every person who encounters the machine is spreading bacteria, viruses, and unwanted pathogens. Not to mention how the equipment can become easily run-down and degraded if not cleaned regularly.

Bacoban is ideal for industrial equipment. It kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi and prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew by creating a hygienic surface. Also, Bacoban products won’t damage expensive industrial equipment under normal use, the water-based solution is suitable for use on steel, metals, plastics, rubber, glass, and more. 


Kitchens are very common in industrial settings, be it a kitchen-type factory or the break room in a large work environment. Kitchens are often regarded as the dirtiest places in a complex. Disinfecting a large area requires a daily schedule to ensure harmful pathogens and bacteria don’t infect the workforce. Bacoban products are approved for food processing use and authorized for sale by Health Canada.


Some industry settings also have on-site gyms for employees to use at their convenience, these recreational facilities are a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria, and viruses. Groups of people sweating and breathing heavily while exercising can cause surface contamination. Under normal use, Bacoban106 Spray and Bacoban 108 Wipes are highly effective at disinfecting gym equipment without damaging vinyl’s, leathers, plastics or electronics of the cardio machines, or weight benches.

Guest Rooms for Industrial Camps

An industrial camp employs and accommodates workers on-site; industrial camp examples include mines, forestry, sawmills, canneries, and oil fields. These camps are created to provide a living space for workers after a long day at work.

Still, with these camps being in such hazardous and pollutant-causing jobs, Canada’s heavy regulations ensure the potential risks to a person’s health are mitigated. Factors focused on include camp siting and size, arrangement of camp facilities, provision of safe drinking water, location and construction of sewage facilities, and waste management.

Cleaning and disinfectants are a significant part of those regulations to ensure the workers have a high quality of life. Unfortunately, many disinfectants can cause more harm than good to a person’s health, especially in a localized area. Bacoban understands the necessity of creating compelling products that won’t harm a person’s health or the environment, under normal use.

How Many Workers Work in Industrial Camps?

It isn’t easy to fully estimate how many workers work in industrial camps due to the revolving nature of these camps. In Canada, it’s safe to assume there are hundreds of thousands of workers in industrial camps. For example, close to 7000 Suncor employees work in the Fort McMurray region, with many of those living in isolated camps and are part of the fly-in-and-out population. 

Industrial workers across Canada often make up an area referred to as a shadow population, also known as a moving workforce, that isn’t in a specific area for too long. These workers are in relatively secluded industrial areas.

Benefit Of Using Bacoban

Using Bacoban products eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi from unwanted areas. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are incredibly detrimental to a person’s longevity. Thus, it’s more efficient to prevent bacteria from spreading, especially in an industrial environment, by using Bacoban products that create hygienic surfaces.

One Product to Replace a Bunch

All Bacoban products are suitable to operate as an industrial disinfectant. Bacoban has no harsh chemical smell or harmful vapors, zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), approved for food processing use and suitable to clean electronic devices like tablets and iPads, under normal use.

Easy to Use

The most attractive component of finding a suitable disinfectant for industrial use is its ease of use. After all, a hard day in an industrial setting can be an arduous experience for most. Cleaning and disinfecting tend to be the last thing on a person’s mind in this setting, Bacoban can clean and disinfect without having to rinse the surface after cleaning.

Voran Group manufactures and distributes innovative health, hygiene, and wellness products. Our products are easy to use and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi while creating a hygienic surface without emitting VOCs.

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