Bacoban on Electronics (Screens, Consoles, Radiology)

Why Use Bacoban on Electronics?

According to a survey done by Panda Security, 24% of people disinfect their phones less than once per year (pre-pandemic numbers), and 49% of people don’t disinfect their electronics daily. The numbers read despite electronics being a haven for pathogens to contaminate.

As a result, most experts recommend cleaning electronics at least once per day, sometimes more depending on their use. While personal devices such as keyboards and cell phones are ideal for cleaning once a day, radiology equipment used for CT scans and X-Rays should be cleaned after every use.

With the global spotlight focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are beginning to realize the importance of disinfecting. Not disinfecting and ignoring common cleaning practices for technology can lead to the fast growth and propagation of germs and harmful bacteria. So, how useful is Bacoban on electronics?

How Dirty Are Electronics?

Most cleaning experts highlight the importance of disinfecting by discussing how dirty certain areas can get, especially electronics. A CFU is a measurement used to measure the number of microorganisms present on a surface. For reference, a toilet has an average of 1,570 CFU per square inch.

Keyboards: 3,543 CFU per square inch

Cell phones: 1,600 CFU per square inch

Computer mouse: 1,370 CFU per square inch

Remote controls: 1,047 CFU per square inch

Gaming controllers: 8.12 CFU per square inch

Knowing that the average keyboard is twice as dirty than a toilet would cause most people to want to take action. It’s not necessarily that people think disinfecting isn’t essential, but it has more to do with the lack of public knowledge related to CFUs and pathogen build-up. Using Bacoban on electronics on a regular basis could be part of a proper hygienic routine, regardless of Covid-19 or not.


Phones are the most common electronic device people interact with, with the average person spending around five hours a day on their phone. Throughout that five-hour window, people spread pathogens, touch their faces, and interact with the world around them.

Bacoban Wipes do a fantastic job cleaning phones and similar electronics, and require nothing more than a quick wipe and a few minutes to let dry. Besides cleaning products, microfiber cloths and cotton swabs for the crevices could work as well.


Headphones have concentrations of sweat and wax from being on a person’s ears for long periods. Not to mention that most people bring headphones out with them, causing their headphones to make contact with the outside world. Bacoban Wipes are great for cleaning the general layer, while q-tips are ideal for cleaning the earphone inside.

Laptops and Desktops

Like headphones and phones, laptops are typically brought with someone while traveling, allowing the laptop’s surface to carry unfamiliar pathogens back home. Bacoban Wipes are excellent for cleaning the screen and surface of the laptop. A microfiber cloth is also helpful for getting smears off, while a compressed air duster can get the dust out of the nitty-gritty sections of the laptop.

Desktops can be cleaned in a similar fashion with either Bacoban Wipes or Bacoban Spray. The spray is a great way to clean larger areas without wasting a ton of wipes.


Although televisions aren’t as touched as laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets, they still require a similar amount of cleaning attention. Televisions are also ubiquitous to have dust build-ups, allowing pathogens to build up on the surface easier. Bacoban Spray works beautifully on high-touch areas and the screen.

Game Consoles

Many gamers experience gunked-up controllers as a result of pathogen and residue build-up. It’s important to dust off a console and its controllers frequently to decrease the dust build-up. Next, a cloth with some Bacoban Spray should be used to wipe around the console and controller once a day after use.

Fitness Trackers

Similar to phones and other portable electronic devices, fitness trackers are known to bring outside pathogens indoors. Whenever someone works out, they should immediately clean their fitness tracker with a Bacoban Wipe to eliminate potential harmful pathogens. These are just a few of the many ways you can use Bacoban on electronics. 

Radiology Equipment

Bacoban Disinfectant Cleaner is approved for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, an area that requires heavy cleaning and strict hygiene protocols. Patients can leave pathogens from their clothes and body on ultrasound machines, X-Rays, and other radiology equipment.

Thus, radiologists and other hospital workers should give these machines a thorough wipe with disinfectant after every patient is done. Hospitals are a critical area for disinfectants since a virus that’s harmless for one individual may be utterly deadly from another. Hospitals have been using disinfectants for a long time, and that need will only continue to grow.

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