From Grammy Nominations To Saving Lives.

Interview with Indigenous businessman and recording artist Jacob Faithful.

Grammy Nominations for Cleanliness has never been a more vital factor than it is today due to the ongoing pandemic. It has become an essential make-up for local businesses to ensure their business is safe for customers while keeping their doors open for some customer traffic.

No one knows the importance of disinfectants and cleanliness better than Jacob Faithful, owner of Young Spirit Supplies, a manufacturing plant of ASTM level 3 surgical facemasks and distributor of Bacoban products. For those interested in learning more about the importance of disinfectants and cleaning to fight viruses, here is an interview with Jacob Faithful:


Who is Jacob Faithful?

Jacob Faithful named Young Spirit Supplies after his band Young Spirit, a group that performed traditional Cree music from the territory of treaty 6 and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2019. Faithful also works with 43 Indigenous bands and counting from across Canada.

Grammy Nominations
Grammy Nominations

To get Young Spirit Supplies up and running, Faithful hired his bandmates and currently has 14 employees (all Indigenous) located at Frog Lake First Nations.

Faithful’s story began in the summer of 2016 when he took a sabbatical from working as a rig hand in the Oil & Gas Industry to spend time with his son. While dropping his son off at school, his son asked him if he would be returning to the oil rigs. Initially saying yes, his son asked him why he did not just get a job nearby to spend more time with his family.

Grammy Nominations

Jacob told his son he would look into it, and with the luxury of having zero debt, he had the ability to start a new career. He originally started working in a chemical manufacturing plant and quickly moved into sales and became the Canadian Sales Manager, focusing on building business with first nation communities.

When Jacob started with this company, only 10% of their annual sales came from indigenous bands. However, when he left, 90% of the business was done with indigenous communities, where he helped increase the company’s annual sales from 7-8 million to about 36 million.

For personal reasons, he had to move to a new city, so he had to make a hard choice to leave his current role. That is when he started Young Spirit Supplies, selling Janitorial supplies, chemicals, Microfiber cloths, etc., only making a profit of 19k in 2019.

When the pandemic began in 2020, massive amounts of PPE were needed, causing Faithful to initially import masks from Asia, selling 50,000 to 70,000 in Masks overnight. Then, Faithful wondered why they didn’t just manufacture the masks in Canada.

It was then where Faithful began the process of obtaining all the raw materials and sourcing the best quality materials. He started a manufacturing facility, making over 40,000 masks a day that sells out daily.


The Danger of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

As great as Jacob Faithful’s story is, especially with the recent success of making such a large number of masks, his business will always stock chemicals. Jacob chose Bacoban and his product of choice because there are no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Selling harmful chemicals contradicts Faithful’s and many others’ mission that has to do with being in the business of saving lives. As great as so many cleaning supplies are, it becomes ironic in a sense when they send off gases and vapors that do more damage than what they were trying to eliminate.


How to Clean Personal Electronics and High-Touch Surfaces

The best way to clean personal electronics and high-touch surfaces is with a Bacoban wipe. All you must do is pre-clean a heavily soiled area, apply the wipe directly onto the surface, allow the surface to remain wet, and wipe the surface dry.

Doing so will ensure whatever area the product is on is now clean. It has been extensively tested and works effectively for counters, electronics, food processing equipment, and anything else you could think of that requires a disinfectant. It is also water-based and does not contain any harmful chemicals.


How to Support the Economy While Helping to Prevent the Spread of Viruses

Most governments have concluded there is a healthy mix of putting safety precautions in while supporting the economy. According to the CDC the most significant way to combat viruses is not only with masks and social distancing but from disinfectants and cleaning supplies.

In fact, there is an expected $6.64 billion growth in the global wet tissue and wipe market from 2020 to 2024. Whether it is a restaurant cleaning its counters more frequently, an office wiping its computers down, or someone cleaning high-touch surfaces, all of it is very relevant in fighting viruses.


The Importance of Giving People Access to Disinfectants and Wipes

Bacoban prides itself on offering people access to disinfectants and wipes. Although early 2020 saw a shortage of cleaning supplies and masks, the supply chain for Bacoban is stable, Canadians the vital access they need to disinfecting supplies.

Rather than wait around inside frightened, cleaning supplies and masks grant people some calmness while they head out and shop at their favorite businesses. All of it is entirely useful, and with or without a significant pandemic, cleaning is always a crucial part of life.


How Bacoban Products Are a Great Selling Item in Department Stores

As essential as it is to have a significant online presence for getting cleaning products in the hands of people, it is even more ideal for having an excellent presence in department stores. Bacoban products are a fantastic product in that regard, as they are becoming more relevant at so many stores.

Another highlight is the product itself. Not only is Bacoban Made in Canada, but it also does not damage plastics, acrylics, and wood surfaces within facilities, has no harsh chemical smell, and makes a positive impact on the local economy. If you are hoping to help the economy, clean easily, and effectively reduce viral contamination, check out Bacoban today!

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