Recreational facilities are having to replace damaged fitness equipment due to harsh chemicals

The need to have community facilities operating right now is extremely important. In New Sarepta, the Agriplex is run by the community, for the community. The need for affordable, high quality cleaning supplies has never been more important to keep our building safe for the many different users. ~  Taylor Knopp, Ag Board President.


Bacoban products can be used wherever superior clean is necessary, trusted by hospitals, airlines, and recreational facilities to disinfect without damaging expensive equipment. The New Sarepta Agriplex features a Banquet facility that can host up to 300 guest, an arena, a fitness center, an ATB Bank and multi-purpose rooms for special events and meetings. Bacoban is both a cleaner and disinfectant that is approved for food processing use, making it a great choice for the entire facility, one product to replace a bunch.


With the influx of cleaning policies, gyms and fitness centers are experiencing increased expenses due to additional upkeep of damaged workout benches, and cardio machines. The chemicals that most gyms are currently using are not compatible with all the surfaces throughout their facility,  causing more problems in the long-run. Bacoban products are water-based, emit zero Volatile Organic Compounds, and there is no rinse necessary after application, resolving the hygiene gap. We are proud to announce that the New Sarepta Agriplex has made the smart choice to use Bacoban products throughout their facility to ensure protection of their surfaces and community.