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Manufactures and distributes innovative Health & Hygiene, and Ambient Wellness Products. With over 15 years of use in Europe, Bacoban™ offers several unique advantages to the following industries: Aviation, Passenger Transport, Hospitality, Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Public Institutions who are looking for value-added alternatives to traditional cleaning and disinfecting products.

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Available From Coast to Coast

According to a report by the Business Development Bank of Canada, the “Made in Canada” label has become increasingly influential in how people shop. Canadian-made products are perceived to be of higher quality and produce less carbon footprint for you to receive the goods, which is a tremendous aide to the environment.

Giving back

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has the potential to threaten tens of millions of lives and poses major global economic and development challenges. We have joined the global fight by contributing a portion of profits to critical research and taking a responsible approach to product development.
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We manufacture right here in Canada. Support local plus receive immediate supply without the uncertainty of international shipments.

Bacoban™ has zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which means there’s no harmful airborne vapours

It’s water-based, making it suitable for use on all surfaces, including cell phones, computers, medical devices and more

Approved for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities

Bacoban for restaurants

Bacoban™ is a 99.99% hard surface disinfectant, that is approved for food processing use.


Reduces odor with no harmful chemical smell

We reimagined cleaning products to be
better for your surfaces and our planet.

This patented solution tackles cleaning and disinfecting with a formula that not only kills 99.99% of bacteria,
viruses, and fungi but also resolves the hygiene gap by creating a hygienic surface that prevents the growth of
bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Bacoban™ is a 99.99% hard surface disinfectant.

Bacoban™ prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew that can deteriorate a surface.

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Why you should “break up”
with your old disinfectant

Exposure to certain chemicals can cause irritation to the eyes, mouth, lungs, and skin. Individuals with asthma or other respiratory problems are particularly susceptible.

Benzalkonium chloride and
how it works

The lipid envelop of a bacteria or virus are critical structures for benzalkonium chloride to function and kill the microorganism.
AC (Benzalkonium chloride) works by disrupting the phospholipid layer of the membrane.
Kitchens and restaurants

See how Bacoban users are
getting back to enjoying life

We love sharing the success stories of our clients as they find a new way to disinfect.
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No mess, no stress

A study of working families found that mothers were significantly more relaxed in a clean, clutter-free home.
Cleaning goes beyond the eye, disinfectant with Bacoban for the invisible fight against pathogens!