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Terry Bendera

Voran Group COO joins imYEG

Terry is a natural leader, innovator, and philanthropist with a clear vision for how he wants to leave his legacy. The development of high performing teams and winning cultures in the businesses he leads could be considered the key to his repeated success in the energy and consumer goods industries. But his skill sets reach far beyond that.

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Bacoban For the Transport Industry

Bacoban for the Transport Industry

Transport industry disinfectants are an essential makeup of the transport sector. Without adequately cleaning and disinfecting all transport operations, viruses and bacteria can quickly spread, potentially causing many people to get sick. With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of disinfecting, the transport industry will be changed forever cleaning-wise.

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Buy Local Canadian Made Disinfectants

Why Buying Local Matters

In 2020 the global disinfectants market size valued at almost 24 billion USD is expected to continue to grow substantially at 20% year over year until 2028. The Canadian market makes up a sizeable share, estimated at ~$3.5 billion and is emerging as a leader in innovative antiseptics and disinfectants. Still, despite the popularity of cleaning, most people don’t understand the benefit of buying local in the cleaning products market.

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Chelsey cover image

Voran Group Ventures: Bridging the hygiene gap with women-led entrepreneurship

Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic is that pathogens are constantly evolving. With viruses mutating, many people are starting to realize the important role that disinfectants play in the invisible fight against pathogens. However, most people are unaware that common cleaning products can be as tough on human health as they are on infectious agents.

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Bacoban on Electronics

Bacoban on Electronics (Screens, Consoles, Radiology)

According to a survey done by Panda Security, 24% of people disinfect their phones less than once per year (pre-pandemic numbers), and 49% of people don’t disinfect their electronics daily. The numbers read despite electronics being a haven for pathogens to contaminate.

As a result, most experts recommend cleaning electronics at least once per day, sometimes more depending on their use. While personal devices such as keyboards and cell phones are ideal for cleaning once a day, radiology equipment used for CT scans and X-Rays should be cleaned after every use.

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Gym with Bacoban disinfectant

Missing the Gym? How to Stay Safe During Re-Opening

Bacoban is the choice for gym owners looking for a disinfectant that won’t damage equipment. Whether it’s touch screens or soft surfaces on equipment, their products are designed to be tough on germs but gentle on surfaces with no discolouration or hazing on screens.

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VOCs effect on furniture

The Damage of VOCs on Health and Furniture

Awareness of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) has increased over the last few years, but there is still a lot of disinformation online.  Yes, VOCs are real.  Yes, they can harm your health.  But you can take reasonable measures to reduce or completely remove exposure to the most harmful ones. This article will explain what these compounds are, the risks, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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