The Demand For Surface Disinfectant Wipes Continues To Elevate

The Demand for disposal disinfecting wipes is expected to increase through 2026 due to trends related to the COVID-19 pandemic, finds a new Freedonia Group analysis:

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Domestic and industrial consumers continue to buy disinfecting products to help protect themselves from potential exposure to pathogens. Voran Group has invested significantly in both efficacy testing and manufacturing to supply Canadians with premium quality disinfecting solutions. Voran Group holds the exclusive distribution rights to globally patented, Bacoban™ products in Canada, which includes Bacoban™ (108) Disinfecting wipes, Bacoban™ (106) cleaner and disinfectant spray, amongst others.

The demand for surface disinfectant wipes continues to grow as elevated cleaning standards are enforced in both industrial and institutional settings, addressing the potential risk of future viral pandemics, Healthcare associated infections, foodborne illnesses, and potential unknown virus outbreaks.

Why will wipe demand growth accelerate in the coming years?

  • Business volumes are returning to pre-pandemic levels.
  • HAIs are a growing concern in the healthcare industry.
  • Cleaning mandates enforced by governments.
  • Supply chain challenges will increase domestic production.
  • Industries will demand innovation in product development for sustainability, efficiency, and improved functionality.

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