Bacoban™ Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us to find a Bacoban™ distributor near you Available for retail across Canada at Oomomo and Italian center shoppes.

Yes each of our Bacoban™ formulations hold a DIN with Health Canada. Visit our products page for full listing of products.

Bacoban™, in spray bottle application, does not require PPE with normal use.

Bacoban™ ready-to-use has a 2 year shelf life. Please refer to expiry date listed on every bottle.

Bacoban™ is to be stored in a clean and dry area between +5°C and +25°C and out of sunlight. Bacoban® is also water based and you should keep from freezing to avoid bottle damage. As with any disinfectant care should be taken to ensure products are kept out of reach of children and pets.

We are proud to be contributing to the local economy by manufacturing Bacoban™ in Canada. Manufactured in British Columbia and Ontario Canada.