Big win for the world’s longest hockey game.

Hockey players battled the bitter cold for 252 hours during the world’s longest hockey game, raising over 1.8 Million Dollars for charity. The game started Feb 4th while temperatures reached below -40 (without wind chill) on consecutive days, the blistering cold weather didn’t break their warm spirits, the group of 40 players continued to play while losing up to 50 pucks on a single day due to extreme weather, the elements caused pucks to freeze and shatter on impact.

With strict protocols in place to prevent the spread, we are happy to announce that Bacoban was the solution used to disinfectant throughout the WLHG bubble during the 10 days the game was played, with zero cases and over 1.8 Million dollars raised for cancer research, that’s a big win for the community.

The fundraiser was granted an exemption by Alberta Health to be able to go forward this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Alberta’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said it was determined to be in the public interest to proceed.

The game is still accepting donating here:

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