Bacoban for Janitorial Services and Introducing Regent Supply, a New Distributor of Bacoban

Janitorial services are essential for keeping businesses, doctor’s offices, industrial property, schools, and countless other commercial spaces clean. Janitors are a part of the required workforce that ensures a building is disinfected and sanitized for anyone who visits.


Although businesses vary with their cleaning needs, just about every company or property will vastly benefit from a janitorial service. Still, many janitor options rely on cleaning products and disinfectants that end up doing more harm than good. Although these products may clean a specific area, they can unleash dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air.


These compounds are not only bad for the environment, but studies have shown how devastating they can be to a person’s immune system and overall health. Thankfully, all Bacoban products are free of harmful VOCs and don’t require any personal protective equipment (PPE).


In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of Bacoban products for janitors and will highlight a new distributor, Regent Supply. Supplying you with will give a good outline for having the proper disinfectant for the janitorial industry.


Canadian Made Products Benefit Canadian Janitorial Services

All Bacoban products are Canadian-made and are manufactured across British Columbia, Ontario, and soon to be Alberta. Rather than shipping products from across the globe that contribute to wasted energy and aren’t adequate, Bacoban has enough manufactured plants to make shipping easy.


Supporting a Canadian business isn’t only beneficial with having the pride of purchasing from a local company, but it also stimulates the local Canadian economy. It additionally carries the pride of supporting a company from your own country.


Strengthening Canadian businesses has a positive effect on every citizen’s life. Even a citizen who doesn’t have any interest in disinfectants for janitorial purposes will see the impact of supporting a local business.


When a company is heavily supported, it can employ more individuals and can expand its growth. Businesses can utilize that growth to fuel the local community and present more opportunities to people around it. Every Canadian should be interested in expanding well-paying jobs, and supporting reputable Canadian businesses is one way to do that.


Benefits of Purchasing Canadian Made Disinfectants As a Canadian:


  • Strengthens Local Economy
  • Offers Better Service than Top Chains
  • Supports the Local Community
  • Diminishes Environmental Impact


More Efficient

The notion of efficiency matters across all industries and especially within the janitorial sector. More often than not, janitors are supplied with products that appear to do a good job but over continued use can end up damaging and providing exposure to unwanted chemicals. Bacoban products are more effective by killing 99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


Bacoban disinfectant contains zero phenol and aldehydes, doesn’t damage surfaces, has no harsh chemical smell, reduces odor, and is water-based. A product that’s efficient at preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew is an ideal solution in the janitor workspace.

Strengthening Canadian businesses has a positive effect on every citizen’s life. Even a citizen who doesn’t have any interest in disinfectants for janitorial purposes will see the impact of supporting a local business.

Regent Supply, a New Distributor of Bacoban

Voran Group is thrilled to welcome Regent Supply as a new distributor of Bacoban. Regent Supply is a top distributor of quality facility maintenance products and has two branches in Edmonton and Calgary. For over 35 years, Regent Supply has been a trusted and premier distributor of quality sanitation, janitorial, paper, safety, industrial products, and maintenance equipment. 

Regent Supply’s mission is to provide exceptional quality products with excellent customer service. The company offers more than just product sales through its dedicated team of customer service experts, product consultants, and maintenance technicians. Their solutions help customers to lower their costs and work more effectively.

Highlights of Services Include:

  • An evaluation of current maintenance programs, recommending improvements in procedures and supplies.
  • Local technical support and troubleshooting.
  • In-service training seminars on industry trends, problem-solving and current workplace topics and concerns.
  • On-site product demonstrations before and after purchase, to help ensure correct applications and usage.

They carry a vast assortment of restroom essentials, healthcare facility disinfectants, and heavy-duty floor cleaning equipment. Regent Supply is a one-stop destination for all your building maintenance products.

Edmonton Branch

4523 97 Street NW.

Edmonton, AB T6E 5Y8

Calgary Branch

5715 Burbank Road SE

Calgary, AB T2H 1Z5

Dangers of Janitors Being Exposed to VOCs

It’s incredibly vital for janitors to use effective disinfectants that don’t contain any harmful VOCs. As noted, VOCs are a variety of chemicals that create unhealthy airborne vapours. These vapours can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and skin problems.

High concentrations of VOCs can further damage the lungs, liver, kidney, central nervous system, and potentially cause cancer. With the increasing awareness of finding a reliable disinfectant, why turn to a product that can damage a person’s health?

Bacoban products also do not require any personal protection equipment (PPE) under normal use. Janitors can use Bacoban disinfectant by following the easy-to-read instructions on each product. There are not any special instructions, and all of the products are affordable, easy to use, and most importantly, efficient.

Why Bacoban Products Are Effective

A janitor’s job shouldn’t just be oriented on disinfecting an area without education and confidence about the products they are using. Every janitor has the right to be in a safe work environment without using products that can potentially harm them or others around them. Plus, a janitor’s healthier mindset and physical health mean a better quality of life and work ethic for all parties involved.

Besides not containing any VOCs, Bacoban is excellent at being a product for janitorial reasons by replacing the tedious nature of having multiple disinfectants on hand. Bacoban also doesn’t damage electronics under normal use, meaning janitors won’t have to worry about damaging any expensive or irreplaceable electronics in their cleaning space.

  • Suitable to uUse on most surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly
  • One product to replace multiple product use
  • Easy to use, no rinse necessary
  • Doesn’t damage electronics under normal use


The janitorial sector can be drastically improved for the better if more companies switch to a disinfectant that is cost-effective, while also being less harmful to humans and our planet. With the addition of Regent Supply as a new distributor of Bacoban, it appears that trend is headed in the right direction.

Voran Group manufactures and distributes innovative health, hygiene, and wellness products. Our products are easy to use and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi while creating a hygienic surface without emitting VOCs.