Why Buying Local Matters

Why Buying Local Matters

In 2020 the global disinfectants market size valued at almost 24 billion USD is expected to continue to grow substantially at 20% year over year until 2028. The Canadian market makes up a sizeable share, estimated at ~$3.5 billion and is emerging as a leader in innovative antiseptics and disinfectants. Still, despite the popularity of cleaning, most people don’t understand the benefit of buying local in the cleaning products market.

Most Canadians think of buying local as heading down to their local farmers market to buy produce and handmade products from “mom and pop” vendors, however, there’s many local manufacturers that produce products that you may not even know are local!  There’s many great platforms that have been created to help local businesses and manufacturers showcase their products, for example, Bacoban is listed on Support Ontario Made along with 10,000 other products from 2300 different manufacturers! 

What is Buying Local?

Although the act of buying local has been around as long as businesses have existed, it’s become much more popularized in recent memory. This growth is primarily led by the vast expansion of corporations and consumerism across the globe, hindering many smaller businesses.

However, this movement isn’t just to support local businesses. It has many positive effects, such as job growth, public infrastructure improvement, community investment, and is a positive on a person’s carbon footprint.

Why Should You Buy Your Disinfectants From a Local Company?

Going to a local source for cleaning supplies has more benefits than most people realize. Buying local isn’t just about visiting your neighbourhood shop over national retailers. The notion of supporting local also applies to industries, manufacturers and service businesses.

For example, supporting a local Canadian business helps invest into the Canadian economy and local communities. When a local business gets more customers and revenue, that company is more likely to hire new employees, make investments, and expand. Keeping valuable capital locally has a massive impact on every Canadian.

Job growth isn’t the only benefit of supporting a local company, with advantages ranging from tax revenue to community stability. As for Bacoban, these products have zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means there are no harmful airborne vapours. Choosing a company that’s not only local but environmentally conscious has a double positive on the environment.

Benefits of Purchasing Local Cleaning Disinfectants:

  • Strengthen Local Economy
  • Creates Jobs 
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Supports Local Community

The Importance of Supporting the Canadian Economy as a Canadian

Like any other nation, there is a general pride that comes along with being a Canadian citizen. Whether it’s the Olympics, telling people where you’re from, or just expressing Canadian pride, all of it is relevant to being a Canadian. That same pride also goes hand in hand with supporting the Canadian economy when buying local.

Supporting Canadian businesses generates a significant impact on the success of local companies and citizens. Studies have shown local businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue. This means local businesses tend to pay their workers more than a massive corporation. Supporting a Canadian business helps with the general expansion of job opportunities.

How Many Disinfectants Did We Import into Canada in 2020?

2020 was a significant year for cleaning products, primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to curb the spread of viruses and help prevent death and disease, many industries turned to cleaning products and disinfectants as a defence mechanism. It opened a lot of people’s eyes to the importance of cleaning.

Disinfectant Statistics

  • Imports of disinfectants and sterilization products rose 33.6% to $297 million in June 2020
  • With an average of $297 million per month, a full year would equal $3.5 billion.
  • If the average cleaning disinfectant is $20, that’d mean 175 million cleaning disinfectants got imported into Canada.


In order to curb the spread of viruses and help prevent death and disease, many industries turned to cleaning products and disinfectants as a defence mechanism. It opened a lot of people’s eyes to the importance of cleaning.

Carbon Footprint of Importing and Transporting

Buying locally has a tremendous impact on the environment. With global carbon emissions rising and many looking for ways to positively impact their carbon footprint, making the right purchases can have that effect. Even the most minor local purchase in the cleaning product market can be a benefit to the environment.

In short, a local purchase doesn’t require as much transportation, which in turn requires less fuel in order to conveniently get the products to you. Most local businesses are also much more mindful of where they set up and how their interaction affects the environment. Buying local disinfectants helps mitigate the carbon footprint of importing and transporting, especially with Bacoban with multiple manufacturing facilities across the country in order to help mitigate shipping impact on the environment. Bacoban has a mission to grant Canadians access to efficient cleaning and disinfecting products without having to wait months for products to be imported in the country during unprecedented times. 

Bacoban is Canadian Made and Distributed

Voran Group proudly manufactures and distributes innovative health, hygiene, and wellness products. Bacoban products offer several improvements to products used in food service, aerospace, hospitals, and public institutions.