Voran Group COO joins imYEG

This is Terry Bendera, Chief Operating Officer of Voran Group Ventures Ltd and this week’s featured Founder!

Terry is a natural leader, innovator, and philanthropist with a clear vision for how he wants to leave his legacy. The development of high performing teams and winning cultures in the businesses he leads could be considered the key to his repeated success in the energy and consumer goods industries. But his skill sets reach far beyond that.

Before joining Voran, Terry’s passion for finding solutions to the most challenging problems and unmet needs resulted in creating Prostar Energy and offering an innovative, fully automated well-servicing rig with unparalleled performance. Developing a regime around intellectual property protection, a laser focus on his teams’ safety and well-being, and an obsession with delivering best-in-class service, he lead Prostar Energy to a top position serving domestic and international E&P companies. Terry’s business successes showcase only one facet of his tremendous ability to bring people and ideas together. His non-profit foundation, the Zug Foundation, has raised over $600,000 in the last six years to support local families with children who have met undeserved challenges.

As Chief Operating Officer at Voran, Terry leads strategy development and execution, operations management, and product development from prototype to full-scale manufacturing. Terry holds a certificate from Stanford Graduate School for Executive Education, “Managing Teams for Innovation and Success,” and co-author of the insightful guide to collaboration, “Blind spotting.”

On imYEG, Terry tells us: “I think it is humanity’s greatest responsibility to be selfish enough to create the very best version of yourself and then share it. With profound gratitude to Christopher Micetich and Kelly Micetich for creating a platform in which I can do that.”


What is Innovation Masterminds Edmonton?


Their goal is to connect innovators to experienced entrepreneurs, imYEG supports commercialization of innovative technology. The group was created to help remove the barriers faced by researchers just starting on the path to commercialization. A collaborative initiative by the University of Alberta and Brass Dome Ventures LTD designed to facilitate the launch of successful commercial ventures from academia.


For more information on the program please visit: www.imyeg.com